funatig – One and several tens of thousands of people must have heard of twins. Most pregnant women giving birth to twins will experience very heavy labor. The birth of a child is a very happy moment for the whole family. Sometimes twins can be present due to hereditary factors and it can also be due to conception.

Hearing the word twins definitely makes a lot of questions and confusion. Twins can have the same characteristics and can also be seen from their appearance. there are 2 twin versions that we may often find out there, namely:

– Identical twins

It has the same face and sex as two girls or two boys.

– Identic twins

Born on the same day in the womb of the same mother. Have different genders such as baby girls and boys.

Has the same taste and appearance

Born on the same date and on the same day but different gender. When parents get twins, their happiness is also complete. Meeting people who accidentally share the same tastes and look alike makes many people think they are twins.

Of course, it is very unexpected when you run into someone who accidentally wears the same clothes. Everyone may have the same tastes so sometimes we will also find the same things as us. Looks the same can be seen from the appearance of someone who is similar. Whereas twins are closer and very similar either from their attitude or shape.

Liketwins girl or boy. It has a very similar shape and appearance so sometimes many people call it wrong. Sometimes children of different ages can have the same face as their siblings. Children’s growth can also affect the appearance of children so there may be similarities or not at all. Twins sometimes have almost similar characteristics and personalities so it is difficult for many people to tell the difference. But for parents, this is not difficult because those who give birth and raise them to know their children better.

Fathers and mothers are certainly confused about how to behave with twins. Because they have to divide affection into 2. We must be sporty in educating children, not selective in educating them. The personality ofTwins also cannot be equated with other children because sometimes children have strong instincts and feelings.

It is said that if one of the twins gets sick, the other will get sick too. This is evident from several things that already exist in the world. Children born at the same time certainly have the same desire so parents who buy anything must also be the same so that children do not envy and hate each other.

Things parents should do:

– Give balanced affection
When the child grows, it certainly needs a lot of love. But if the children are twins, then we as parents must share them fairly. So that no one gets hurt.
– Don’t compare
Every child has a different attitude and character. Although the same is not necessarily the same character and attitude. If you’re wrong, say it slowly without having to compare it with others.

– If the child’s wishes are different, don’t force it
Every child has different desires. Moreover, if twins do not necessarily want them the same. If one likes to sing and the other likes to dance, then parents can develop this potential by supporting the child’s wishes. Don’t force something they don’t want it can trigger jealousy in someone.