East Nusa Tenggara Museum

East Nusa Tenggara Museum
East Nusa Tenggara Museum

East Nusa Tenggara Museum

The East Nusa Tenggara Museum has five museums that hold a lot of knowledge. This knowledge is still not widely known by many people. Of course, those of you who like history will not miss the opportunity to study history in every East Nusa Tenggara museum.

A place where science can continue to grow. To get there you can start visiting from:

Regional museums

The East Nusa Tenggara regional museum is located in the Kupang area. Did you know that this museum stores a lot of valuable items? The number of items in the museum ranges from six thousand hundred and ninety-nine. Hearing that there are so many of them, of course, you can’t wait to learn about them. The contents of the museum itself include history, geography, art, biology, and much more. Funatiq

Bison cantaloupe

Seeing beautiful and cool hills makes the heart peaceful. Stop by the cantaloupe Bison museum while enjoying the atmosphere. Nita Hill from Sikka Regency. It also has a museum that stores several relics such as fossil fauna, flora, cultural tools, art collections, and much more.

A thousand Mokos
A musical instrument that holds various stories. To be able to see a thousand moko, stop by the island of Alor. Inside the museum which stores a lot of musical instruments. Moko is a drum instrument that is closed at the top and bottom. In the past, residents on the island of Alor who were proposing would use moko as gold for marriage. You could say a thousand moko because there were some residents who started to move so they left the moko in the museum. This is why it is called the Thousand Moko Museum.

Sumba culture house
A house that turns out to have its own uniqueness. The house turns out to be a museum, learning center, and research. It can also be a cool tourist spot. Find all kinds of photos, kitchen equipment, and so on.

Museum DR. [H.C] Oembe Hina capita
Go to the east in the east Sumba area. In the museum, you can learn about biology, archeology, ceramicology, and much more.