Papuan Museum

Papuan Museum
Papuan Museum

Papuan Museum

The Papuan Museum is apparently not just one. There are many types of Papuan museums that you can visit, such as:

Papua province state museum

the state museum of Papua province is in the city of Jayapura. The museum existed in 1983. It was inaugurated in 1990. Entering the Papuan state museum you can see various types of exhibitions such as auditoriums, laboratories, biology, and Papuan traditional clothes.

Papua University Culture Workshop

Funatiq – The museum that you can find in Jayapura. There are lots of types of relics that you can find in the cultural museum at the University of Papua. There are two thousand kinds of relics in the museum. The Museum of Culture at the University of Papua was built using aid funds from Americans. a donor named John Rockefeller.

Asmat culture and progress

The museum which opened in 1973 remains on August 17th. Since the opening of the Asmat culture and progress museum, the museum’s collection has grown to a thousand two hundred collections. There are two types of relics in the Asmat culture and progress museum, namely:
There are displays: six hundred
Ancestral carvings, shields, drums, and columns: three hundred of them

Jayawijaya traditional pilamo

Museums that you can visit in the Papua area. There are three thousand nine hundred and sixteen types of relics available at the Jayawijaya Traditional Pilamo Museum. Lots of ancient relics that you can learn about. There are paintings such as ethnography, archeology, and textiles. Five types of culture you can find Koteka, bark, Korwar, Timor cloth, and Asmat ethnic carvings.

Noken Jayapura

A handicraft museum that turns out to be a traditional bag. UNESCO has designated the Noken bag as a cultural heritage of Papua.