Museum of death

Museum of death
Museum of death

Museum of Death

The Museum of Death is a place that has a lot of negative aura. To visit, you can go to Surabaya by choosing the Museum of Death. Often when you hear the word museum, of course, you think negative things. Museums that are boring, and take up a lot of time are able to suck up all the attention of many people.

Not feeling bored or lazy when entering. But there is a sense of curiosity and horror when entering the museum of death. Almost everything on display in the museum has the same form as the original. Every time you enter the room you will see several bones and skulls hanging and placed in several different places. Funatiq

Curious about death

Every scent in the museum becomes a scent filled with burning incense. Every corner of the room is filled with the smell of incense and don’t forget the sound of crickets which keep making noise making the atmosphere of the museum become haunted. Entering the death museum is like entering a guts testing room.

Not everyone welcomes or enjoys entering a museum of death. There are some who are still afraid and do not dare to go there. Medical students, property departments, and others visit and see it all. Initially, this museum was built for children who are interested in death. Over time, it turned out that children majoring in anthropology often visited him.

There are many types of death processes

Surely many are wondering why we have to set up a museum of death. As you know, lots of people die in different ways. There are those who commit murder, suicide, or even a rule from the village or tribe. Now in the museum, there are lots of different types of cultures regarding the point of view of scientific science.

Each movement certainly has a different process. Inside you will find all kinds of displays filled with the smell of death. There you will see several processes of death that can be seen directly. There are also several unique death rituals that you can see, such as the Rambu Solo, Toraja rituals, and many more.

Death has several traditions that differ in each region. Skeletons of people who have died and several other skulls are not obtained from just anyone. Get the original skeleton from the police.