Cool Bandung museum

Cool Bandung Museum
Cool Bandung Museum

Cool Bandung museum

The cool Bandung Museum can be a beautiful photo location. In the past, museums were famous for being places full of historical items that made people feel less at home and old-fashioned. But now the museum has become a place that is often visited by many people. There are some who are interested in museums, not just hearing and seeing historical items. But took a few photos and became a photo spot that attracted a lot of people.

To get a lot of visitors, of course, the museum began to make some changes to the room design. Arrange the place to be more interesting and make visitors feel at home and want to stop by to see the museum. Of course, this plan succeeded in getting some to come to see their relatives or families.

Has a beautiful view

One of the museums that can provide beautiful photo views is the Bandung Museum. Surely those of you who are from Bandung already know which museums have cool photo spots. The following are the names of the museums: Funatiq

The museum has many different collections. For those of you who are interested in art, you can stop by the Barley Museum. There are many types of art that you can understand and learn from painting to sculpture. Entering the museum, you can learn while getting cool photos in it.


If you want to find out about the ancient times of the stone age and new discoveries, you can visit the geology museum. Museum that has a focus on the discovery of stones, fossils, and much more. There are some of you who can take your children to visit the geology museum. Introduce some relics and invite children to see some skeletons of dinosaur remains. Surely the opportunity to capture photos will not be separated. It has a photo spot that attracts many people to visit. The building turns out to have the feel of being in a European country.

Satay tower
For those of you, native West Java people, of course, you are very proud of the Gedung Sate Museum. The shape of the building that has unique architecture makes many people like and perpetuate every room.