The Surabaya Museum is back open

The Surabaya Museum is back open
The Surabaya Museum is back open

The Surabaya Museum is back open

There are many people who are always curious about the stories and struggles of heroes. To find out the story, sometimes many look for sources through books, the internet and museums. The museum is a place that is often visited by many people when there are exhibitions or other important events. Hearing that the museum was closed made many people unable to visit or see the relics. But you don’t need to worry because the Surabaya museum is reopening.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the Surabaya Museum has been closed to prevent transmission of the deadly virus. After several years finally several museums in Surabaya began to reopen. Even though it has been opened, people who enter must follow all health protocols. A rule in keeping away from crowds of people.

Given the time and number of visitors

Not in general, the number of people who visit can be very large or even countless. At the start of reopening the Surabaya museum, the management began to limit the number of people visiting. Each museum has different visitor limits. So it’s not the same number of restrictions. Funatiq

Not just people who visit. Working hours at the museum are also limited. Everyone who visits is given twenty to thirty minutes to see the museum. Visitors who attend will be checked for body temperature and given a disinfectant liquid. This is done so that all visitors are clean and safe from viruses.

Museum name

Of course those of you from Surabaya are curious about which museums have opened;

The Surabaya Museum in the Siola area opens from nine in the morning to two in the afternoon. The number of visitors received was thirty people with thirty minutes.
WR Soepratman is one of the museums located in ponds. The shop is from Nine to two in the afternoon. Every twenty minutes five people are allowed into the museum and so on until the shop closes.
You can visit Hos Tjokroaminoto on Jalan Peneleh, Gang VII, house number two, nine to thirty one. Eight visitors get twenty minutes to see the museum.
Dr Soetomo on Jalan Labubut no eighty five – eighty seven. Only accept visitors as many as twenty people for twenty minutes.