Museums In The Netherlands

Museums In The Netherlands
Museums In The Netherlands

Museums In The Netherlands

Going to study Dutch, you can certainly find unique places apart from the tourist attractions. Because there are several Dutch museums that are not usually found in other countries. Here are some places in museums in the Netherlands that you must visit


Those of you who want to see the types of microbes can just come to Amsterdam. In this museum, there will be bacteria, algae, and fungi will be exhibited. It’s not inanimate objects that you will see in this museum, but microbes that are still alive in the cups and tubes that have been provided. For small animals, of course, visitors can look through the microscope that has been provided. Funatiq

Vrolik Museum

The museum which is located in the Amsterdam Medical Center or what is commonly called the Amsterdam UMC is a museum of human and animal anatomy and pathology. So this museum stores preserved human and animal body parts. The collections in the Vrolik Museum are the bodies of human babies, both individuals, and fused twins. Usually, this museum will be visited by students majoring in medicine, but for those of you who are just ordinary people who want to visit it, of course, it won’t be a problem.

Netherlands Open Air Museum

Inside the Netherlands Open Air Museum, there is a demonstration or demonstration of the Dutch way of life. Demonstrations in the Netherlands are linseed production, paper production, and brewing.

Het Rembrandthuis Museum

The collections in the Het Rembrandthuis museum are paintings that vary from various owners. The paintings that you can see are Die Landschaft Mit den Drei Bäumen, Drei Bauernhäuser an Einem Weg, Selbstporträt Mit Saskia, Porträt von Eleazar Swalmius, and many others.

STAM Ghent City Museum
You can see in this museum in the city of Ghent in detail how to see the development of the city. This museum is not just a museum, but there is a cafe that you can visit. And not only that but there are some photos, 3D building models, mini-exhibitions, gardens in Bijloke and the history of the monastery in Bjiloke.