A Unique museum in the world

Unique museum in the world
Unique museum in the world

A unique museum in the world

Not only in Indonesia, which has a museum. It turns out that the world also has a unique museum. Museums that are famous for storing historical items or antiquity items are very different from several types of museums in the world. As you know, with a museum, you will know the story and origins of every object that is stored. Surely you are not curious about the unique museums in the world.

Not a historical object that you find but an object that has a unique shape. In every place, there will always be a festival. A very lively festival and you can visit and see museums around the world. Of course, when you visit you will only see and can’t say anything else, right?

Here are the names

Hearing the word death, you have to be prepared with several skeletons, stomach contents, and much more. Seeing all these things can certainly make you breathless and won’t want to go in again. Unlike the children who study medicine, they will go inside and analyze and learn about anatomy. For those of you who are interested, you can come and see the death museum in Bangkok. Funatiq

Royal mummy room

The Royal Mummy Room is a historical place that you can learn about while in Egypt. By visiting there, you can see the shape of the mummy and the stories of the great kings of Egypt. It’s not only the mummy that you find, there are also some relics from Egypt that you can observe.


It looks weird to see a lot of hair on a building. You don’t need to worry because all this hair doesn’t have any strange things. In Canada, you will find a building filled with hair. There is nearly sixteen thousand women’s hair from around the world here.

Did you know that people in ancient times tortured prisoners not just with whips? there are so many torture devices to make your skin crawl. In Amsterdam, there is a museum of torture tools. A tool that managed to make all the prisoners tortured and confess all the crimes they committed. Going there doesn’t add to your knowledge, instead, it adds to an ever-higher sense of paranoia.