Bizarre and funny food

I must admin that I would never eat something like this strange food

They put a lot of creativity into it… But it is really bizarre food

Did you ever eat something like that? It’s strange

First one is spaghetti with worms… I would never eat this strange food

strange funny spaghetti with worms

I think this is rat in the salad… Rats are bizarre food

strange funny salad with rats

And a snake head in this food… This is not so funny food

strange food with snake head

Strange food…soup with flies…

strange food soup with flies

A hot dog near a human brain… Very bizarre…

strange bizzare food hot dog like brain

A donut with rats… Again rats…

strange bizzare donut with rats

Cake with worms… This is funny food

strange bizzare cake with worms

Funny soup with worms in the last kind of bizarre food

never eat funny soup with worms

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