Drunk girls

Drunk girls can be so funny and interesting, but in the same time these girls cannot be so funny at all…

Drunken women, wives, college girls, moms or normal girls can be hilarious or you can just cry when you see them full of alcohol and in  strange positions or places…

If these girls like to drink it is their problem… I just have to show them to you here on Funatiq.com…

The first girl is on of the most beautiful drunk girls I’ve ever seen… I just like her…

drunk babe

She is a college girl which really like to drink beer I guess…

drunk college girl

This beauty likes alcohol so much… Don’t do like her!

drunken beauty

The next picture is really strange… A drunk girl in the ocean…

drunken in the ocean

That woman looks a little old and fat so I guess she must be the mom of a little boy or something…

drunk mom

I can bet that this woman is the wife of some man… I can see this looking at her shoes…

drunk wife

She looks really young to me…

drunk young girl

From all these drunk girls, the next one is really passed out…

passed out girl

Red bikini and a lot of vodka…

red bikini drunk girl

I think she is too drunk…

too drunk girl

It is an humiliation to look like this…

totally passed out girl

This girl is not happy for sure…

unhappy drunk chick

The last chick it is really hot…

very sexy drunk girl

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5 Responses to "Drunk girls"
  1. bobby says:

    the very sexy drunk girl is beautiful. beautiful legs. HOT! i wish i were there to make her feel better by rubbing her legs.


  2. YELDDAAA says:

    i should drink with girls 😀


  3. otomasyon says:

    boughhh :s


  4. mommyslittleyoda says:

    I would have spanked Too Drunk Girl’s sweet ass till she woke up.


    • Name says:

      The last chick is so HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

      Maybe a little water on her top to cool her down


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