George W. Bush as Adolf Hitler

This could be funny, but to associate the U.S. President George W. Bush with the German dictator Adolf Hitler is not very far from the truth…

Some of these fakes are very well done, some are real photos or caricatures…

George Bush should stop all his wars…

The first one is a real banner on the street showing Bush Jr. and Hitler and telling that there is no difference between them…

george bush and adolf hitler

The second one is a painting with these two leaders…

george bush as adolf hitler

The third one is a funny charicature with them and which tells that Bush makes more victims than Hitler did…

george bush and adolf hitler caricature

A postcard…

george bush as adolf hitler postcard

A fake of an old photo…

george bush and adolf hitler fake photo

A well-done picture…

george bush and adolf hitler picture

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5 Responses to "George W. Bush as Adolf Hitler"
  1. Elizabeth says:

    Tell Takuro It’s Hillarous!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Claudina says:

    FUUnnyy…oh my god…freaking funny


  3. Munzer says:

    That is sooooo funny I wouldn’t get tired of it if i looked at it one thousand times! Heil Hitler, NOT! FUNNY!


  4. Obamahitler says:

    I’ve copied all pics, stay tuned for the D-bag man child obama to replace President Bush’s face. Game on pussy libs.


  5. Timothy says:

    You’re wrong about the third image. It’s saying that to compare Bush to Hitler diminishes how horrible something like the holocaust really is. Far from these ridiculous comparisons of Bush or Obama to Adolf Hitler. As a Jewish person, these comparisons are immensely offensive. Shame on you.


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