Big snake eats kangaroo

I know this is not so funny…but could be interesting…

You don’t see everyday a kangaroo which it is eaten by a big snake…

I know that the snake is giant, but it is amazing to see that it can swallow such a big kangaroo…

snake eating kangaroo

snake eats kangaroo

big snake eats kangaroo

giant snake eats kangaroo

huge snake eats kangaroo

kangaroo eaten by snake

And the kangaroo dissapears inside the snake…

kangaroo inside snake

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11 Responses to "Big snake eats kangaroo"
  1. Ashley says:

    OMG!! Poor lil kangaroo…


  2. Ashley says:

    WOW!! How crazi is that?


  3. SaMMy; says:

    omgsh thats soo sad;
    i HATE snakes.


  4. jeff sky says:

    that is awsome that a snake can eat a kangroo holy crap.


  5. jdo says:

    holy mother of God,its horrible.iwant to see more..


  6. md says:

    wow thats mest i dont no how they do that


  7. kenji says:

    gago ang laki naman ng ahas mo mas mabangis pa ako sa ahas mo ako kumakain ng tae


  8. ros says:

    Wow i think nature is amazing,cant believe a snake can fit this in all at once. Its super muscle strength.


  9. alimination602 says:

    I’m not quite sure where one animal ends and the other begins…


  10. wow shit snake.......... says:

    this is a devilic snake maybe the one was at eden….shitsnake this is cruel


  11. NELLZ says:

    Damn its unbelievable…


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