American homeless

These pictures with American homeless are not funny! But iI put them here because George Bush is visiting everyday and maybe he will see them and do something for these people…

It’s a joke of course, but someone should do something for these people…

First picture is with an American homeless girl…

american homeless girl

They read 1984 by George Orwell…nice…

1984 george orwell

Some homeless men…

american homeless men

A homeless singer…

american homeless singer

They are sleeping…

american homeless sleeping

Some homeless women…

american homeless women

She is a beautiful woman…

beautiful homeless woman

Smoking is not good…

blonde homeless woman smoking

I guess this man is drunk…

drunk homeless man

A homeless boy…

homeless boy

He is on the train…

homeless man on the train

Just the legs…

homeless men legs

A sleeping man…

homeless men sleeping

Again some homeless people…

homeless people

Near a nice fire…

homeless people near fire

homeless people photo

They are singing…

homeless people singing

She has a nice blue dress…

homeless woman in blue dress

Nice tatoo…

homeless woman with tatoo

They have a dog…

homeless women with dog

I like the parrot…

homeless women with parrot

A homeless young man…

homeless young man

This woman looks interesting…

interesting homeless woman

She looks nice…

nice homeless woman

He has some books…

nice young boy with books

He is old…

old homeless man

This is a very old fridge…

old rusty fridge

These people look really poor to me…

poor american homeless

These men seem to be really sad…

sad homeless men

I have no idea why they killed that raccoon… food?…

strange killed raccoon

Two homeless women…

two homeless women

And finally an unhappy homeless woman…

unhappy homeless woman

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24 Responses to "American homeless"
  1. stacey says:

    gross get a life


  2. Jane Lane says:

    omfg Stacey, you get a life. If you don’t like it then don’t frekin’ look at it.

    How about you do something better with your time then make idiotic comments?


  3. sid says:

    amazing pictures, some.. and sad too… so much trouble in the world!!!


  4. Frague says:

    Beautiful pictures, excellent work. One thing, however. That isn’t a raccoon, it’s a possum. The most likely reason for them killing it is food (possibly for the dog), but a reason for a great deal of homelessness is mental illness. However, since there is a dog present and seemingly well-cared for, I doubt it is mental illness.


  5. Bobby James McGruder says:

    Good pictures but these guys look like they want to be homeless. They pay way too much attention to style.


  6. Josh says:

    I’m interested in finding out how or where you got theses pics from. I work w/ the homeless for a living.


  7. Scott says:

    Very moving photos. If you can get 20 times as much, and could collect a little bit of their stories (four or five sentences), this is publishable work! Very sad and inspiring at the same time. Freedom or doom? Reminds me of the movie, ‘into the wild’.


  8. Scott says:

    I can’t get over how personal these pictures seem. This is really great work…


  9. ALex says:

    Nice pictures, really well taken. Do you know where these people are from? They look really interesting


  10. Brandy says:

    These are fantastic pictures but like McGruder said it seems like some of them want to be homeless, like modern day gypsies. Beautiful either way.


  11. Genevieve says:

    I really liked this. You did a very good job of capturing both the old (which people are used to seeing homeless) and the youth of homeless people in America. You should be proud of this collection! I’ll be proud to share it 🙂
    thanks again excellent work!


  12. Shocked says:

    oh my

    I’ve been staring at the girl in the picture named “beautiful homeless woman” for hours now. She is so unbelievably lovely, I just can’t express it. I’d give up everything for a chance of at least chatting with her…

    On the other note, what percentage of american homeless actually do choose such lifestyle?


  13. Travis T. says:

    I am doing a pastel drawing of the girl with the parrot. i would really love to know where the pictures were taken!


  14. somedude says:

    This has Pacific NW all over it.

    Whereas I don’t know the exact location of the shots, I have been informed from one person that he recognized one girl who was interviewed in a tv show about homeless people in Seattle.

    You’ll find folks like this everywhere North of Eugene, OR and south of Everett, WA. If you’re a photographer/artist/writer/whatever, try: Eugene, OR, Portland, OR, Olympia, WA, and Seattle, WA.

    Some of the train hopping folks have links with Crimethinc and other proponents of ‘alternative living’. See and similar publications.


  15. Joe says:

    This really makes me want to be homeless for several years.


  16. Rusty says:

    This is excellent work. You have a wonderful vision. I am 16 and I live in an area with a lot of homeless. I’ve befriended quite a few of them and they are vastly interesting people. We’re not at all well off but I help them where I can and offer them my prayers. On Thursday nights a group gets together near where I live and have a kind of sunday school meeting. I gave them the bible that they use. Anyway the point of this is that you have caught the essence of them wonderfully. There are a few of these that remind me of my friends (In particular, the one of the very pretty lady with the nose ring- she works with my mother now and we get together quite often) and they made me cry a bit. Keep up the good work, and you should look into a follow up with these people.


  17. Dawn says:

    WTF? Besides the homeless man, none of those kids looked like they were REALLY needy, as in: no family, mental illness, runaways from abuse, etc.

    The were all “travelin'” kids. Punk rock hippies who live that way based on political ideology and not forced need. Perhaps a few had little other options, but most of them looked like their situation was by choice.

    Just sayin’.


  18. Joe says:

    these people aren’t mentally ill..this is a lifestyle and it’s not sad at all.

    And also, you can direct your compliments to the actual photographer (who should be credited here!) Mike Brodie aka The Polaroid Kidd. He doesn’t have a website anymore but it’s easy to find more of his work.


  19. AllieBaba says:

    The tragedy with homeless kids is they just look like kids everywhere else. They come from horrific backgrounds, however. A lot of them are foster kids that are turned out on their own at 18 and have issues that aren’t resolved.


  20. Loral Orow says:

    Excellent pictures. Real people struggling to live free. I see them every time I venture into Detroit. They are wearing tin foil over their shoes and sleeping over the air vents on the sidewalks. The young can make it fun but the old must suffer dearly.


  21. zJAmes says:

    This is so fake! gay! fake and gay! F***G 0PPOSSUM ID10TS.


  22. Bob Dobbs says:

    While there are a lot of mentally ill homeless, these are not those. These are merely young people who decided to “drop out” for the most part. I feel no sympathy but that for the children they often tote along.


  23. Michael says:

    Not to sound condescending, but you all do not know shit about these people or what they are going through. Never, EVER, assume that people without homes “want” to be living that way, or just chalk them off as “drug addicts” or “mentally ill”; even in the cases in which these DO apply they are still very real problems. We SHOULD feel uncomfortable about people having to sleep in the woods, or in alleyways, etc, so don’t make blanket statements just to escape from the discomfort that YOU feel from witnessing homelessness.


  24. JP says:

    That’s a possum not a raccoon.


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