The best messages on bikini

Here is a selection of the best messages on women bikini I’ve ever seen.They are very funny, very creative and very sexy…

I’ve never seen these messages on girls lingerie in the real life though…

On these bikini it says “Forget about it”…Impossible…

funny message bikini

On these sexy panties it says that “Your boyfriend wants me”…

funny panties

Girl power bikini…

girl power bikini

God is a girl…Huhhh???

god is a girl bikini

Heartbreaker bikini…

heartbreaker bikini

Funny Nike bikini…

nike bikini

Sex in the city…

sex in the city

Very nice… Is that a form of advertising? Because I want to buy Apple, Mac OS X and of course iPod…

stick bikini

Sweet bikini

sweet bikini

VISA, Mastercard…everything you need…

visa mastercard pago bancomat bikini

403 Forbidden… These bikini are for programmers only…

403 forbidden bikini

A beautiful girl… She says she is bad… I do not think so…

beautiful girl bikini

Only $2?…

bikini funny

I like you too…

bikini text

“Tighter that Britney” bikini… Is that true?…

britney bikini

I do bad things (this is good)… Very funny message on bikini…

cat bikini

CTRL ALT DEL swimsuit…

ctrl alt del swimsuit

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13 Responses to "The best messages on bikini"
  1. Micro Bikini Babe says:

    Those are some hilarious panties. I love the one with the credit cards,


  2. kpe; says:



  3. DDSosy says:

    I only see two bikinis?


  4. Sean says:

    I don’t understand. These are not your photos. These have been on the net for years. If you can’t attribute them at least ad a disclaimer stating that the source is unknown.

    It is just plain good manners. Otherwise the assumption is that you took, compiled or own the photos. Which you do not.

    Just writing “Here is a selection” insinuates a selection you own.


  5. Funner says:

    Hi Sean. Thank you for your comment, but please read carefully on the bottom of the website… All the funny pictures on the internet are the total property of… So everything is under control…


  6. YELDDAAA says:

    very sweet things


  7. jose l. mendoza says:



  8. Pandeya O P says:

    Photographs and remarks are matching. I would like to say good.
    These types of remarks are helpful in the marketing. Nice idea.


  9. Russell says:

    I like the girl in picture # 8… totally geeky! 😀


  10. Bill C. says:

    Hey Sean, there are people suffering all over the world and your whining about this, get a life or better yet go sponsor a child!


  11. believer says:

    remove that pic which name ” *** is a girl ”
    because it offend all the believers.
    *** is not a toy.


  12. mohammad reza says:

    very well


  13. atheist says:

    2believer: oh god i lolled :)))
    Great pics. I love the one with 403 Forbidden, looks authentical :0


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