Coolest bikes on Earth

These are very cool bikes… These concepts may look strange, but they really seem innovative. Considering the fact that these bikes have super and original designs I think we should use them all the day!

I would like to have one of these cycling bikes…

They look so nice… Great designs for some super bikes…

aerodynamic bike

In my opinion these are the best images with bikes ever…

best bike picture

I would love to ride such a super bike.

coolest bike

nice red bicycle

I will buy one of these cool bikes. I have to!

professional bike

speedy bike

stylish bike

A cool image with a super bike. What a crazy design for a bicycle.

super cool bike

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42 Responses to "Coolest bikes on Earth"
  1. asd says:

    these are f***g hideous.


  2. Justin says:

    These all look cool, but also look very uncomfortable.


  3. Trollingking says:

    Puhleeze, I have the coolest bike on the planet!!!


  4. nick says:

    They are pretty ugly, but no, they’re not uncomfortable. In fact, many of the most ergonomical devices in a specific area look incredibly uncomfortable, but rest assured they’re built by biomedical engineers using very advanced skeletal kinetics and mathematical modeling.

    Also…what’s with the ellipses…in the text….at the top…makes…the poster…seem…dull…witted.


  5. i lasered my pubes says:

    stupi,d you cannot beat the tried and tested design of the bicycle, these are just experiments in vanity


  6. Bag o'wank says:


    Pointless nonsenicle design…

    Fake amateur design project….

    Not sure why I even bothered to comment…


  7. paresh says:

    simple but smart, great R & D division.


  8. someone who actually RIDES bikes says:

    How do they turn.



  9. EverythingYouThink says:

    Maybe I missed this part, but where are these pictures from? Who created these bikes? I didn’t see any source listed. Anyway, they are simply an exercise in vanity. I’ll take my bike any day.


  10. whateverrrr... says:

    alright, nick you complete idiot. you make yourself sound like such a smart guy. well, your not. get over yourself.


  11. Christine says:

    These bikes are very creative I love them. Seems like there are some very narrow minded individuals that commented before me.


  12. Armand Roy says:

    As a designer of many things all I can say is simply WOW. How do I get one?
    A Roy


  13. Snake says:

    Believe me these bikes only look good on paper.They will look ugly on road.

    They can be state of art,aerodynamic,comfortable etc…but they will look UGLY.


  14. amanda says:

    ew. these are ugly brah!


    • luvin bikes says:

      Hey you guys have no concept of what COOL is, I think that they should make a concept chopper bike like wow really cool guys.


  15. Ben says:

    I’ve never particularly liked the concept versions of vehicles, and these are no exception. I’d guess these are largely just exercises, but they aren’t practical at all. The frames themselves would be too heavy, and the selection of parts would be limited by the fact that they all seem to have unique gears and pedals and wheels. Also, design-wise, half of these have wheels that would break off after some use because of the angle the frame is attached to them.


  16. stonethrowingmob says:

    It makes me wonder if these bikes will catch on. The reciprocated bikes caught on but it’s because the offered something, more power and a lazy seat to sit on.

    I like the orange one with the hooped wheel B/T/W it seem the most unconventional. I can see myself popping wheelies, except they would need shock absorbers.


  17. tasarhane says:

    they are different and looks cool..



  18. dsgncr8or says:

    hey… would be nice to actually include where you got these from, so the people who MADE them get the credit they DESEARVE!


  19. dsgncr8or says:

    lol – byw – it is a hoax supposedly.


  20. dsgncr8or says:

    It is a HOAX btw.


  21. SoLinkable says:

    Those are some interesting designs, but really, what chance do they actually have of catching on?


  22. it2051229 says:

    oh can you do BMX tricks there? NOT!!! that sucks


  23. Allen De Rico says:

    Judging from the comments posted,
    this is a classic example of beauty being in the eye of the beholder. These bikes represent the kind of bold, daring and innovative thinking that excites the imagination. Stretch your minds gentlemen, embrace the future and stop dragging your knuckles on the ground.


  24. Magasul says:

    These are designs from The Gnomon Workshop by the leader Scott Robertson ( Be sure to check them out @


  25. mimi says:

    there okay, bt i would never ride those…i would be to ashamed


  26. matt says:

    what, no kick stands?


  27. patrickmok says:

    Actually, I wish to see some tricycles and/or quad-bikes.
    Thanks anyway.


  28. eoeoeoe says:

    this is an industrial design exercise… don’t take it literally.

    its not a ‘hoax’… its an artist playing around and fantasizing. sure they would be impossible to actually make and sell and ride, but that’s not the intention.


  29. ricky says:

    after visiting this all i can say is that “is there bikes like this on earth” ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy.


  30. Mark says:

    But can you take them off any sweet jumps? Also in response to whateverrrr…’s post: Until you learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”, then it is you who is a complete idiot. Also, the first letter of each sentence is capitalized. You may return to the internet when you pass 3rd grade English.


  31. Jessi says:

    These bikes make no sence as what a bike is but there cool. I wonder if this bikes are already in the Market and how much do they cost?


  32. joe says:

    eww ugly


  33. peynir says:

    simple but smart, great R & D division.


  34. lily says:

    I live in new york city. These bikes would be stolen in ten seconds flat. Hell, they’d probably be stolen out from under you.


  35. person says:

    I’m pretty sure if you ever find yourself riding one of these, the only thing you’re ensuring is cock-blocking yourself.


  36. andrew says:

    can i buy one


  37. Sabina says:

    eww. what the f**k ni**a is that stupid m**g s**t?


  38. hmmm says:

    all but three won’t turn. the owner would have to live on the salt flats.


  39. stick-it says:

    these bikes looked f**d up and it looked like the shit was found from the damn junk yard


  40. ooooo says:

    Those bikes look like some type of a$* R**er made from scratch


  41. Høng Karate says:

    Great designs, but I think that production cost will make any sale impossible 🙁


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