Cool pictures from Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe, Africa)

In Zimbabwe, Africa, you will find the magnificent Victoria Falls at a height of 128m. The location depicted is known as “The Devil’s Swimming Pool”. During the months of September and December, people swim as close as possible to the edge of the falls. These falls are becoming well known among tourists who seek extremes as more and more people search for the ultimate experience.

It seems really interesting to me…

These people are so close to the edge…

happy family in victoria falls

Victoria Falls is amazing…

victoria falls

Zimbabwe seems to be a very nice country…

zimbabwe africa

This woman is so happy…

happy woman on the edge

This guy is crazy enough to take a picture…

crazy guy in victoria falls

Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe, Africa) could be a cool destination for all the tourists…

victoria falls zimbabwe

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5 Responses to "Cool pictures from Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe, Africa)"
  1. Ricky says:

    Thankz for sharing!


  2. Jane Lane says:

    I wanna go there 😉


  3. Winst says:

    djfiejijdij hey jane the lane i am feeling you baby. you wnanna go there but i wanna go in you!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh


  4. YELDAAA says:

    this is awesomeeeeeeeeeee


  5. justbob says:

    This is fantastic. I have been there and it was crazy beautiful. I want to go back!


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