The seven paparazzi wonders of Pamela Anderson

I think these are the best 7 paparazzi photos of Pamela Anderson… We all know the famous and beautiful Pamela Anderson, not all of us like this woman, but after all she is a super sexy star. Or at least she was… All these pictures will show her in bikini, swimsuit, with a great body and an enormous sex-appeal. You have to admin that this is a beautiful photo gallery with the Baywatch babe.

Pam Anderson is still very beautiful an sexy as you can see…

You won’t see her naked or with Tommy Lee, but the pictures are nice and funny… Baywatch is not very far away…

In the first one you can almost see her breasts… She is walking on the street, has an interesting dress and cool black boots. Pamela looks better than ever!

pam anderson

The second one is a very nice photo… I like Pamela Anderson when she looks so hot. Is that her kid??

pamela anderson

The next one it is really funny…to see her in bikini… Nice pink swimsuit!  I think this is the most embarrassing pictures with Pamela Anderson from this great photo gallery. It is obvious that she does know know she is filmed by paparazzi.

pamela anderson bikini

Very sexy here… Big breasts, sexy body, but I do not like her boyfriend… I think that Pam should not have any boyfriend…

pamela anderson sexy

Pamela Andersson in swimsuit… The black swimsuit suits her very well. Pamela is very happy in the waves of the sea!

pamela anderson swimsuit

I think pamelaanderson is high here…Pamela Anderson has a beautiful dress!

pamela anderson dress

She has fallen is hilarious…

pamela anderson wet

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7 Responses to "The seven paparazzi wonders of Pamela Anderson"
  1. Scott says:

    The only “wonder” about her is why people think she looks good. XoP



    I agree with scott.


  3. bhow says:

    she was hot back in the day!


  4. jacko says:

    nice shoot!
    i like it.


  5. Vesta Yerton says:

    I think Pamela Anderson is great . She has great style , great looks , a good personality and a funny sense of humor. I ENJOY her acting skill as well .


  6. Rahul says:

    She STILL rocks !!


  7. metal78 says:

    I’d bone her over and over and over……


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