Nicole Richie anorexic and pregnant

These pictures are strange…In these paparazzi photos Nicole Richie is so skinny and in some of them she is pregnant… You can also see other anorexic women here on in a different post.

I hope she is not anorexic anymore, now that she is pregnant…

Nicole Richie is a nice woman, but in some photos she has problems with anorexia…Anyway she looks funny when she is pregnant…

nicole richie

nicole richie pregnant

nicole richie swimsuit

In the next photos she is anorexic…

nicole richie anorexic

anorexic nicole richie

In the last one Nicole Richie shows too much from her breasts…

nicole richie breasts

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3 Responses to "Nicole Richie anorexic and pregnant"
  1. Sue says:

    Nicole is so beautiful but she was absolutely perfect in her blue bikini. So thin and defined and healthy. Hope as soon as it’s
    ok for her that she losses all the weight she gained again.


  2. brittany says:

    Well this Brittany makes all of us brittanys look so bad and I wish she would just stop


  3. brittany says:

    OMG she so f***g ugly and she seriously needs to eat a big mac!


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