Pictures of dogs that make you smile

The pictures of dogs are lovely especially if you have a dog in your house which it is your favorite pet. Even if you like cats, you might like dogs and puppies and the next pictures will prove you that this is the truth . You will see some very nice breeds of dogs and you will notice that even if I’m not a specialist I think I have identified correctly all of them. If you have other pictures of dogs, which are really funny, please let us know!

Do you like yoga? I think the first dog it is an yoga specialist. Look at his face… really hilarious…

yoga dog

This is a small and funny little pet who likes to eat bubbles of soap or shampoo.. Strange habit for a nice dog…

small dog

Is this a Plott? Looks really nice…. He wanted to eat some bread and now is trapped…


In the next picture, the neck of that dog is wrong…

hilarious puppy

Someone wanted to make that dog look like an old man… Hilarious, but maybe the dog is not so happy…

funny old dog

Good bulldog with an interesting look….

funny bulldog

I think that those dogs are for sale and they want to escape…

dogs on sale

One of the best pictures of dogs ever… I think that this dog will eat those superb fishes…

dog and fishes

Who said that dogs do not love cats?

dog and cat

A cool doggy is my dog!

cool doggy

I always thought that Bull Terriers are scary and dangerous…

bull terriers

These are real Retrievers…

beautiful retrievers

The last picture is with this funny Boxer… They seem to be silly dogs…

amusing boxer


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