White man with african girls

As you can see this white man gave money to these african girls and he looks so happy…

The question is why did he gave money?

The african women does not look very happy…Can you guees why he gave meny to them?

white man gave money to african girls

Do you like the sexy african girls?…

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65 Responses to "White man with african girls"
  1. B says:

    He obviously gave them money for the photo. Doubt he would risk contracting AIDS by paying for sex. No offense though, he’s still an ass.


  2. jambo says:

    contracting AIDS? actually it is the girls who are in risk of getting AIDS from him. there are many people like these who get all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases from visitors. not to mention their tradition being ruined by “help” in the form of money, cloth, etc.
    why did he give them money? maybe he thought he was helping them. i don’t think he was paying for sex as it is very unlikely that the girls know about prostituition.


    • JohnC says:

      Are you not aware that the AIDS rate in Africa is something like 100 times higher than in Europe or America? He is at far more risk of contracting AIDS from these girls than the other way around!


      • khalil says:

        You need to study before you put your foot in your mouth. You have a better chance of getting AIDS in the United States ! We have a lot of cases of people dying from unsafe sexual practices. And unwed teenage mothers than Africa. Tired of people treating Africa like its some uncivilized disease death stricken place. When America is full of drugs and too much sexual freedom and higher risks. Africa is a big continent, do your research!! Some areas are affected while some not at all.


  3. Myspace Comments says:

    cool stuff


    • jonkelit says:

      This whiteman posed with these young and charming girls, showing expressionism,
      just he is not happy, he is having bluffy laughy. (monkey laugh)


  4. African says:

    what a douche


  5. ahmed says:

    its really cool.
    i think he gave money because they were poor and didn’t have enough money.


  6. Emmanuel SOBGA says:

    I think he did not give them money.In Africa it is always a pleasure to welcome a stranger.African don’t do things for money first.
    What is being poor?Not having a car?A house like those who think they are high above human beings?
    Instead of speaking about being poor I will focus on being rich,which is being ready to serve and respecting each other instead of judging who is lower or higher or poor or rich.
    I’m not racist but white people do really have something wrong against Africa.They denied the first human being was from Africa,they said Africa had no civilisation before even the inhabitants of Egypt was not black(so they want us to believe that white men once lived in Africa).Then the Great Lie came with the Evolution Theory to say that we started by being a fish in a water then an animal then a monkey and finally a human being…Try please to respect each race with its culture and belief.Judge not,because the best knowledge is to recognize you know nothing,if you think you know more,so create your own world where things will look the way you like them to..


  7. jelo says:

    to sobga – ive been to africa and most africans do not like visitors taking their picture because often they get nothing for it while the photographer gets money from postcards or sells the images on stock photo websites, etc. they will almost always ask for money for a photo with them. africa is poor and yes they are by nature usually very welcoming people but that does not change the fact that they need money and will do things for it.


  8. Emmanuel SOBGA says:

    You got me wrong.Africans are poor because you compare them with your kind of civilization.
    You judge Africa on the basis of Occidental civilization.Hunting money at all cost.The hell no.
    Our main goals is not money and if today we ask for it,the bill I see in the hand of those young beautiful girls is nothing in front of what that guy harvested from that picture.
    The money they got is not what is going to feed them for the whole year or forever.It is just a symbol,a sign that now,we are not going to let you do think for grant or for fun a earning money from us.

    I like your argumentation.But if ever you got a question about Africa,do not hesitate…


  9. David says:

    So Emmanuel, there’s only one culture in Africa and you are the expert on it? Last I heard Africa is made up of more than 50 countries, with even more cultures.
    You aren’t an expert on every single African culture, and you don’t know the people in the picture, so stop pretending you have any valid insight.


    • desertwalker says:

      Hi this may seem like a strange question, but here goes.

      I am in a situation where due to recent socialisation ( at church ), I have become friends with a nigerian woman. I think from the way we interact, that we both like each other and there is a possibility we may get closer.

      I may seem ignorant but I am wondering if there are any cultural issues i should be aware of.


  10. Rob says:

    “Judge not,because the best knowledge is to recognize you know nothing”

    Coming from someone who is acting like he knows everything…brilliant.

    So, in your arguement you mention Evolution being the “Great Lie”, then spout some drivel that would make one assume you’re a bible thumping type.

    Where did the bible claim that God started it all in Africa? Just curious. You call the science that the theory of evolution uses a lie but it was the same science that dated the first human coming from Africa.

    Other than that, this site needs spellcheck.


  11. black says:

    She is probably upset because though she needs the money, she must accept the fact that white people only see people as pedophiles if their own children are the victims. The girl in the picture has breasts like a 12 year old. She may be poor but not stupid.


  12. Robin says:

    This white guy is an asshole.
    The women in the picture are in their natural environment, nothing unusual for them here. This stupid moron white fag gave them money in order to have a picture with them. What a f***g loser !


    • The guy in the picture says:

      Robin, don’t be mad because I paid the other girls more to be in the picture. you’re are just not as pretty as the other two girls. Also, your breath smelled like a zombies nutsack. I am sorry I told you to put on some lotion, it made you look so sad in the picture…


  13. Emmanuel Sobga says:

    I was born african in Africa.

    Western culture is blind with ethnocentrism.They judge people with their own standards.Which is a shame.Today I live in USA.What I see is people are not informed about other country or culture.They just swallow what the news tell them.

    I insist not everybody does things for money.Those girls are naturally happy to welcome a foreigners.Like in my village it is always was a great moment when one or more foreigners came to us:hospitality is Africa.That is why Western Civilization took everything and called africans naives.

    But things that are new today can become old tomorrow.Nothing human last forever in a high standard,except those who like the statu quo.

    For those girls in picture.I wonder if the really know the value of the currency they get in hands.
    Did you see their bust?Naturally beautiful and weel shaped.

    Imagine them in your clothes and make up:Alek Wek will shake.

    Try your best to understand people and things in their environment,not according to yours.

    Not everybody got that sense of judgement.


  14. j says:

    …i mean its not like he was playing with his wang, dude just took a pic with some local girls.


  15. Frank says:

    To Emmanuel.

    I lived for the better part of my life in africa and to be honnest most of what you say is a sugar coated version of reality emma…

    Most african not only sell themselves but also parents family and friends for money. I may agree with you on the fact that it has not ALWAYS been like that. I don’t know, i’m not a historian. But from the revolutions till now, african are greedy and honorless for most (i knew a few who would refuse money because they had standards and those i called my friends).

    The first men MAY have come from africa, but what’s the point being first born and last raised on the planet ? My wife is nigerian and she despises african for their corruption and the lack of unity they have.

    Also, you should stop, on a more personnal level, to assume you understood the history of humanity, “white people” (whomever that might be) and Africa, only to advise people to be more open minded…

    Those girls accepted money because they know the value of money at least from those nomad merchants that come from the big cities with clothing and nice textiles.


  16. Frank says:

    Most village people KNOW about the vanity of women from their own culture and from the TV they watch. Take a village girl that has never seen a white man or heard about the US or Europe ; She will probably still accept a nice soft shiny dress or golden jewelry…

    We may have different opinions on the question but there are certain facts on which only one can be right and when you say things like “African gave europeans everything and then eurpeans called them naives” you are not only demeaning yourself by talking like a 12 yo history student, but you demean the african people by making them look like idiot. Most african nations fought white colonists….and lost (the biggest defeat being the Zulu one which most refer to as “Massacre battle” 300 british VS 7000 zulu, the british won and lost about 20 men from gun misfire).

    Let me remind you that all white people had to do to get slave was to wait on the coast for a BLACK slave-trader to sell his village to them.

    I understand living with the weight of african history on you might be hard. I’m not gonna tell you i don’t occasionally lie to myself to cover up dome deep pain. But in the name of God, guardian of truth and justice, stop lying to yourself so that the same mistake cannot happen again to your people (and from the way china settles down and start imposing its condition to africa, i’d say you’d better get ready fast…Slavery is not dead for ever…)


  17. Elizabeth says:

    That’s Very Boombasic! Send this picture to Takuro!!!


  18. shona says:

    Hey….whats with all this generalising about Africans being backward and poor and Whites being rich and advanced?

    It works the other way round too. Just depends on which person you are talking about.

    I think the girls have nice tits and they look quite young….maybe 14 or 15????


  19. Jamela says:

    LOL! Sorry i caint help but to laugh, cuz he gave em money & they are half naked like strippers. I wonder what else they would do if he’d put a few more bills in thier hand.lol. Maybe i should go where he is…cuz i got a cell phone bill that need to be paid.lol


  20. Tan says:

    to jamela, you idiot.
    they didnt get half naked because he paid them to, thats just the way that particular tribe dresses.


  21. More Computer Tricks... says:

    Would he take a picture of them if he had sex with them? I don’t think so!

    what for?

    There’s a big probability to take a photo after a work charity than to take it before having sex!


  22. Nana Krepki says:

    White man pay for photo with nice girls to just to show his friends how he is cool..Nothing wrong..


  23. Roger Robinson says:

    I don’t think it is very cool what he did. When Africans come to America are they allowed into someon’s home to take pics of of his wifes titties? Wat this man has done is the same thing that white people have done for centuries to other cultures all over this world and it’s called EXPLOITATION! White people disguise their perversity for young, naked, black children with words like beautiful, adoring, nice complexion, and so on. Well, why not allow black people into your homes to take “titty” photos of your naked young daughters and wife. What’s wrong, white women and children aren’t, beautiful, adoring, and have a nice complexion? This is not hate, this is true.


    • Jacqueline says:

      That is just ridiculous because unlike Americans, it’s obviously in their culture to walk around topless. So to them it’s not a big deal. You can’t compare the two.


      • anstip says:

        Jacqueline, the idea is, that whites/ westerners thought they embrace the ‘civilised’ way of life with human rights and all to apply to their society. But its not the same standard they would aplly to other cultures. Its true, if the white man applies the same approach of civil knowledge, he would feel very obliged to not take that picture and present it here. Does he get their consent before posing it online? Or this website is shit that your administrator allows such displays even when there is no proof of consent form the photo participants? If they are a minor, their parents should consent-did he do that? You guys would laugh right coz you think their culture will not recognise such legal implications on the use of their childrens/ girls/ womens (if they are older than consenting age) . The point is, if the westerners are so true in their advocacy to uphold their more superior legal values in their societies, then they won’t do unto others what they don’t want to be done themselves.


  24. Bobby says:

    The fact is Roger, a black man can go into a white house and take photo’s of their wives tittes if he pays enough. Black africans are just cheaper 😀


  25. Javon says:

    It’s unfortunate to know in the 21st century some race will stop at nothing to exploit others coz they down on their luck


  26. kuda says:

    I must say i stumbled upon this website today and it has stired something in me that has bothered me and many Africans for years.People from the west want to perpetutate the opinion that Africa is a dark continet.If one wacthes cnn or bbc all you see is wars hungry kids and poor parts of Africa just like these pictures on your webesite.Aftrica maybe developing but it is way better than the stereotype you are trying to perpetuate.I was born and bred in Africa and i live in Africa and i am loving it.I have seen ap=alling poverty in the west many a times but its never reported its as if everyone in Euirope is rich and well of.You guys think there are no high rise buildings in Africa cars etc well its a shame you think people live in trees.

    Shame on you.


    • anstip says:

      Welcome to the real world where the west wins coz of all their clutch on the media. They even showed China was a place where people only cycles on bikes wearing triabular hats until I went there and saw its such a modern place with many upscale stuff.


  27. Funner says:

    kuda, personally I LOVE AFRICA!!


  28. YELDDAAA says:

    ugly photo 🙁


  29. CROSS says:



    • Henry idowu osumah says:

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  30. ahmed osman says:

    i don give a f**k what the white man really wanted from these young african chicks. This fella is right in his own thoughts so don worry yourself about that.i believe in total equality.white or no white we are human.ALLAH loves us all with no partiality.it rains in Africa as well as Europe.


    • anstip says:

      Ahmed Osman. Your use Allah’s name like that? Or your a Muslim poser? Try give Islam a good name. I don’t see you did. Then again, I am just commenting, only Allah will judge you for real, not me.


  31. Emmanuel says:

    Just like a certain religion claims to be the one and unique way to heaven,that’s how a certain race claims to be the superior one.

    Treating people and judging them according to their standards.The Creator knew why he made us with differences,the diversity is the beauty of the creation.

    I cannot say aborigens in australia don’t get it.They are happy with their life.But according to western thoughts,they miss cars,ac,roads,and many many stressfull stuffs that rush death in that bothering civilization.

    Who is woundering mother Earth today?Modernism of western civilization or traditionalism of poor African and australian tribes?

    Blindness of mind is what some people don’t want to understand for change and that’s where the problem is:money at all cost,we don’t care about the rest,we are superiors,our good and bad deeds are normal.

    Others are primary humans if they do not behave and act like us,they are close animal human beings.

    The results is there,close animal human beings respect the Earth and nature.They are not responsible for climate change.


  32. michau says:

    well, maybe we dont no what the gals was thinking, but for sure i know that guy, his personality is expressed on his t-shirt, and please dont use “europeans” european culture, coz every nation in europe is different and difference between europe and usa is huge like zimbabwe to alaska, and by the way the guy comes prow european nations wich in western launguage up to 19th century was caled slaves, just since 150 years you call us slavic


  33. michau says:

    aha 🙂 and the expression on his t-shirt is ugly and his only intention takins this picture was to be closer by the black tits….. 🙁


  34. victor says:

    what iunderstand that happen looking at the picture u will see why the whit man gave the girl money to hold is because if there are going to be any court case after that .but as you can see the girls are happy exposing thair nakeness what a pity,this is a slap in the face of Africa


  35. Briggs says:

    You all need to snap out of it, Arguing over a picture your not even in.
    Freedom of speech, people will always generalise, you can try to correct them, chances are that they will stand thier ground. **** why i’m i even replying to this.. (stops typing)


  36. brownnie says:

    Am not surprised anyway that frank you so brain washed your wife’s brain she now thinks with her tits i have seen a so called half cast like that also and for you nana you know where you are from you guys are freaks Emma its said that never argue with an idiot cos they will beat you with experience and bring you to their level of understanding you know as an African and i watch the way white people call blacks negros i wonder most times what is it with this people thats makes then always want to fight for the name of the best always they fought about this for a long time and still yet an African rule the world and now you can now agree with me that they are scared of being look down on lie the way Africans are we have lived under this eyes or people seeing us like monkey animals but yet we still succeed i bet if you guy where to be let down that position for a while most of the white certainly will commit suicide like they use to already if they have to go through what an African go through just a day many of them will commit suicide cant you just see you guys are always on our back why even when we try to be nice no cos you know what if you give us one chance then its gone everyone is perfect they way they first of all you take off the stick in ur eyes before taking ours cos there are many suffering also in the europe that needs help poor kids he deceived them with nice words and money to make them take that pics let see how this world will go the first will soon be the last i always believe in that word soon than anyone will expect!!!!!


  37. screw all of you says:

    everyone stfu… you are so freaking stupid going into a lame gay homo conversation about some black girls’ boobs… like really, seeing this gay argument makes me want to claw my eyes out so please just admire the damn picture.


  38. James the Rocket says:

    I have actually witnessed on facebook walls of seemingly decent ‘God-fearing’ teens and early 20’s from Africa, that promiscuity is extremely high. They think nothing of having sex with one, then a few days later another. Do they use condoms every time? Likely not. We all know sex with condoms sux, so if the girl ‘thinks’ a guy may be ok.. real danger.


  39. Godstime says:

    am 4rm africa and we are rich,which part of africa are those girls 4rm ?


  40. Godstime says:

    those girls are naked becos thats their culture.


  41. macmddarch says:

    well why did he give them the money??? why would you ask a question and no answer it!!


  42. Josh says:

    First of all, whoever said this site needs spellcheck is completely and utterly right. It’s pretty freakin’ sad that nine out of ten of the people who have posted here have no sense of spelling or grammar. How the hell do you misspell the same word multiple times, and not even in the same way? Whatever. Secondly, why are you all wasting your time debating on why this guy gave some African girls money? Nobody here is going to settle on any specific answer, so what’s the point? Not only that, but you don’t get anything at all for sharing your arguments. So maybe this post will end the stupidity, maybe it will refuel it; who knows? As far as the picture goes.. people have been giving money for photos for pretty well as long as it has been possible to take photos. There have been millions, if not billions, of occasions where someone has done just that. Does it matter why he gave them the money? No. Does it matter who they are? No. Does it matter who he is? No. Does he look like he’s doing anything they don’t want him to, or does he even look like he might do something improper? No! Have white guys given white girls money to take a picture with them? Yes. Have black guys paid for pictures with white girls? Yes. Have asians done the same? Yes. Has this happened in Africa? Obviously. Has it happened in pretty well every other country in the world? Probably. This picture just happened to be somehow found by some idiot that thought there was something wrong with it before he or she actually thought about it. Another point – who the hell is anyone to say what any one country or regions’ wants, needs, or beliefs are? F***ing nobody! Everyone on this planet has their own thoughts, ideas, wants, and beliefs! If you want facts about a country’s “richness” or problems throughout the world (such as poverty) don’t look for answers or try to give them in some random online forum! Instead, there’s this handy little website called Google that about 98% of internet users rely on to lead them to websites related to whatever they search for… there you can find reliable statistical data based on facts, not someone’s personal beliefs. With all of this said (or typed, rather) I hope you don’t all hate me; I’m just trying to give you all an idea of how little anything that’s been said on here really matters. Let this guy do the same anywhere, anytime; do you think these girls complained about making a few bucks for doing nothing? No.

    PS – It’s a proven fact that Africa has the highest concentration of AIDS carriers than anywhere else in the world. As with any other country or continent, there are places with little to no risk of contracting the disease, and places with higher or even great risk of contraction. Hope this clears that up a bit!


  43. Andy says:

    Why is he an ass for giving some village girls money? I’m a white American working in Nigeria. I give (dash as they say) to people often if they deserve it or really appear in need. I have a lot of friends here and am really enjoying myself. Engaged to marry a local girl btw 😉


  44. Naabrhamme (required) says:

    you are very selfish man!!!!!! the money in their hand indicated that you are bying women in your f**g money in Ethiopia


  45. lawrence says:

    Ok its a love to village girls no mater about money its need of every persons.


  46. ProudAfrican says:

    im from Zimbabwe, Africa and by just reading some of the comments on here i can tell most of you have never been to Africa. Yes some families are poor than others, some are rich but which continent consist of only rich people. I really think people should dtop being so shallow minded. Africa is not a country its a continent of about 60 countries


  47. [email protected] says:

    obviously, he gave the girls money, in return for oral sex. there is a reason african women have big lips!


    • anstip says:

      oii, i white women big or small lips and from 12 to all ages also do stuff you said orally.


  48. Simon says:

    Me thinks the girls are going to be in for a shock when he bends them over after all caucasian men prefer the backside, that is why some minorities avoid caucasians period you are all weird. You get caucasian befriending minorities guys just so they can introduce then to their gay father of brother, if the person was gay dont you think he would sek your father and brother out. And then you wonder why people do not mix with you weirdos.


  49. tapia says:

    Whites are very ignorant because cnn , fox news show 2 countries in africa with civil wars and dying of aids they stereotype the whole continent of africa .Africa is not a country is a continent it has 53 countries , some african countries has more aids then others in madagascar only 2% percent of the population have aids why whites believed what they watch on tv? even african americans think these way about africa they think africans live in a jungle ignorant people.There is aids in thailand and brazil but the media is anti black and african , there is aids in europe i heard there lot of aids in spain , there is aids in america it is your behavior that gives you aids not your race.


  50. LarryMRubio says:



  51. Brit guy says:

    Nice to see the racial tension created over a bloody picture, for god sakes people wake up and smell the coffee ita a picture. who cares why the girls holding money it may be irelevant to the picture full stop this guy could be working for the red cross or some other charity agency. why do people always look at the seedy side of things to be honest all you guys here want to be ashamed of yourselfs slandering each others cultures we all have a right to be on this planet as it belongs to us all who cares who is richer than who or who is more intelligent than the other at the end of the day we come in to this world with nothing and we leave with nothing. im sick of people with there racial views be it black white or any other culture and why does religion have to be dragged into this too we are who we are and we follow what we follow, live and let live i say.


  52. just past says:

    when you shot this picture ?


  53. sirmarjalot says:

    Coz hes a nice guy not look like a sex tourist or monger
    But looks can be deceiving – Is he about to have an african harem?


  54. bob says:

    he gave the money, just to draw their attention to the picture


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