Strange clothes on a girl

I have to say that this girl wears so strange clothes…

She is a little fat so those clothes are not good for her…

I think that girl is a punker or rocker girl…

fat ugly girl

She really looks ugly…

girl in strange clothes

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6 Responses to "Strange clothes on a girl"
  1. Zsolt says:

    very terable


  2. H says:

    nobody even noticed the man in a sun dress standing behind her?


  3. Shane says:

    I think she is sexy and if it was me who had taken the picture I would have tried picking her up.

    She’s a hottie.


  4. Kitra says:

    “I think that girl is a punker or rocker girl…”

    Oh..My..God.. really???


  5. bob says:

    she is well fit


  6. funny says:

    i see ever uglyer girls in my town (berlin-germany) this hottie will picked up in 5 second in the club 🙂


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