Coca Cola and Mentos explosion

Did you ever wondered what happens if you put Mentos in Coca-Cola?

You will see now… It creates a Mentos explosion in Coca-Cola

Imagine what happens when you drink Coca-Cola and after that you eat Mentos… This are funny pictures with Mentos in Coca-Cola

So she puts the Mentos in Coca-Cola

coca cola mentos

coca cola experiment

A crazy Mentos explosion in Coca-Cola happens…

coca cola explosion

So never eat Mentos after Coca-Cola…

mentos explosion

Coca-Cola and Mentos is a strange combination… Mentos reaction in Coca-Cola is really weird…

coca cola drink

Coca-Cola Mentos mix…

coca cola mentos mix

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2 Responses to "Coca Cola and Mentos explosion"
  1. kailyn says:

    wow this is tottally awesome im doing this for my science project


  2. Coke Mentos Explosion says:

    This is the funniest prank on a guy trying to hit on a girl using the famous “Diet Coke + Mentos” trick:


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