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Hilarious pictures with Muslim girls at the beach

I have nothing against Muslim people and I respect them, but I have to say that these Muslim girls are really stupid or maybe the tradition is really crazy. When these women go to beach they are all dressed up and you can only see their faces. What is this? Is this a teaching in Quran which tell you that if you are a Muslim woman and if you want to go to beach you need to be dressed and people can see only your face and if you want to take a bath ion the sea or in the ocean you need to have all your clothes on you? I think this is not fair!

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The longest nails in the World

The longest nails in the World belong to an old woman called Lee Redmond which had not been cut her nails for more than 30 years or so. But it seems that recently she lost her creepy nails, I think they were broken, so today we have many women, girls or men with really long finger or toe nails in an unique collection here on I think these are the biggest nails in 2001 on Earth!

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Shocking and extreme body piercing

Extreme body piercing is not a very nice way to show off in the public. As you will see in the pictures below, many of these extreme and shocking body piercings are scary and children could have unexpected reactions when they see a woman or a man with such a body mutilation.

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Biggest mouth in the World

This man has the biggest mouth in the World and he is in the Guinness Book. His name is Francisco Domingo Joaquim and he really has the widest mouth you can see on Earth. Bigger that whale’s mouth!

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Woman eating dog

This is shocking! So do not look if you have a weak heart. This woman is eating a dog.

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Believe in God instantly – amazing breathspray

This seems to be an amazing products…

It is a breathspray that can make you believe in God instantly…
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The ugliest heart ever

I have to say this is a very ugly heart

It is the ugliest heart I’ve ever seen…
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A warrior among us

This is a true warrior among us…

He is one of those guys who play video games with fantasy characters…
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Zombie mints

The zombie mints are cool…

The package may look a little scary…
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A bicycle with monsters – weird photo

This seems to be a weird photo…

There are three ugly monsters on that bicycle and a beautiful woman…
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