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Fractals pictures – a fascinating experience

Fractals pictures – why are they so great?

Fractals pictures are fascinating to many people and when you see a fractals gallery you are amazed even if you don’t know what represent those pictures. The repetitive patterns, the beautiful colors and the depth of the vision are simply great! Even more amazing is that you can see fractals pictures in your real life, in nature and in many things that surrounds you.

So what are these fractals? Before looking to the pictures below just wanted to say that a fractal is a mathematical set that has a fractal dimension(a ratio providing a statistical index of complexity comparing how detail in a pattern (strictly speaking, a fractal pattern) changes with the scale at which it is measured.) that usually exceeds its topological dimension and may fall between the integers. Fractals are typically self-similar patterns, where self-similar means they are “the same from near as from far”. Fractals may be exactly the same at every scale, as you will see if you will zoom some of the below fractals pictures, or they may be nearly the same at different scales. The definition of fractal goes beyond self-similarity per se to exclude trivial self-similarity and include the idea of a detailed pattern repeating itself.
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Real Barbie girl looking like a doll

Barbie dolls are loved by many little girls (and sometimes boys!!) throughout the World. I know that you have seen a few girls in some shocking pictures so far that looked like Barbie dolls. Many of them had a lot of plastic surgeries and still did not look right, but I bet you have never seen a real barbie doll like this one! I’m very sure she has a lot of plastic surgeries, and she looks creepy sometimes. She really looks like she is made of plastic with eyes exactly like the real famous dolls. Prepare for an incredible view!

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Playing chess in a funny way

Playing chess can be very entertaining! We all know that chess can be funny, but sometimes really hard to learn to play it well. Many people play chess online, or love to play it on their computers, but very few of them have the creativity and inspiration like the people and animals in the below gallery.

These funny chess pictures are an unique collection here on and I hope you will enjoy them. New ideas of playing chess!

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The real mystery behind “The Last Supper”

The mystery of “The Last Supper” is a deep one! There are a lot of books today about Leonardo da Vinci and his paintings, about The Da Vinci Code, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, John the Baptist and other related topics… A lot of authors like Dan Brown made so much money selling their books…

It is the time to reveal the mystery behind “The Last Supper” painting of Leonardo da Vinci. This famous painting (Il Cenacolo or L’Ultima Cena) is a 15th century mural painting in Milan created by Leonardo da Vinci for Duke Ludovico Sforza and his duchess Beatrice d’Este. It represents the scene of The Last Supper from the final days of Jesus as narrated in the Gospel of John 13:21, when Jesus Christ announces that one of his Twelve apostles would betray him.
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The pin-up girls with charming smiles

The pin-up girls are always a reason to celebrate the beauty, the creativity and sensitivity of women which give us power and inspiration to live and to hope. These vintage girls with their superb bodies and beautiful smiles have a special flavor.

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The coolest beds designs in 2011

These are the best designs for beds which we can have in 2001. All these beds designs are very creative, innovative, some of them weird or unusual and they all look amazing.

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Breath taking Indian brides dresses, makeup and hairstyles

Indian brides are looking simply breath taking and this is a special gallery of pictures with the best Hindu brides in the human history! Their wedding dresses, their nose piercings, jewelry, painted hands and hairstyles are admired by men and women from all over the World.

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Black girls or white girls?

Black girls or white girls? This is a question to which many men can give an answer, but also many of them have serious trouble to answer. They cannot decide between black girls or white girls as they do not know who is really most beautiful, sexy, hot or simply cute.

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The coolest bedroom designs in 2011

The best bedroom designs in 2011 are here! We had on the coolest bedroom ever and now we can see the coolest bedroom designs if this year.

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Moustache styles

Many men want to know how to grow a mustache. Some people don’t even know if the correct word is “moustache” or mustache. I really don’t know either, but I would like to know what are the best styles for moustaches.

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