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Scary huge dogs

This post is not funny, but I have chosen to write it and show you some really big, huge dogs which seem to be really scary for me. I like dogs like Maltese, Boston Terrier, Pugs but these huge dogs are too much for me. How can you like such an animal? How can you call it your pet? How do you feed such a huge dog? I bet he eats humans too, maybe kids or some small animals like racoons, sheep or maybe cows. These people how own these dogs must have a mental problem or maybe they need some glasses to see how big are their pets. I really hope that they do not spend all their money on the food for these dogs.

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Pictures of dogs that make you smile

The pictures of dogs are lovely especially if you have a dog in your house which it is your favorite pet. Even if you like cats, you might like dogs and puppies and the next pictures will prove you that this is the truth . You will see some very nice breeds of dogs and you will notice that even if I’m not a specialist I think I have identified correctly all of them. If you have other pictures of dogs, which are really funny, please let us know!

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Cute kittens pictures

Cute kittens are a special entertainment for many pet lovers around the World. These little balls of fur with sweet little eyes make us happy even if we are very sad at the moment. A feline litter, which can be two and even six little kittens is, sometimes, an amazing show to watch. All these little cats like to play, run and make funny noises all day long. Kittens love to eat their mother’s milk in the first week, then they can eat your cow’s or goat’s milk if you give it to them. We have a special gallery with cute kittens pictures which we hope that all fans will appreciate it.

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Funny dog

This dog is really funny…

His look is so funny indeed…
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Clever fly

This is a really clever fly

Sitting there nothing can hurt you….
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The train of the elephants

It is weird to see an elephant in a train…

But here it is…
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The King of the frogs

Here’s the King of the frogs…

Yes, the frogs have a King too… Why not?…
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The smallest fish in the World

I think that this is the smallest Fish in the World…

There is no doubt about that…
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Parrot steals money

This parrot is really cool…

He is stealing the money…
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Small kangaroo

This man is shaking hands with a very small kangaroo

I think it is an old picture…
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